1966 SHELBY GT350

Price $245,000.00
Year 1966
Model GT350
Interior Color BLACK
Cylinders 8
Engine Size 289
Transmission 4-SPEED MANUAL
One of the most interesting variations of Carroll Shelby's original GT350 lineup remains the 'Carryover' series for 1966, including the early-production 1966 Shelby GT350 offered here. The sixth 1966 Shelby GT350 produced, it is numbered SFM6S006. Bridging the gap between the 1965 cars and the select updates made to the GT350 for '66, all 252 Carryover cars were painted Wimbledon White and retained 1965 GT350 features, including lowered front control arms, rear over-rider traction bars, 15x6-inch argent-painted Kelsey-Hayes steel wheels or optional 15x6-inch Shelby/Cragar alloy wheels, Goodyear 'Blue Dot' tires and all 1965 interior appointments, including smooth vinyl-covered seats, '65 dash pads, the '65 curved glove box door and '65-style door panels. Engines were painted gloss black, rather than the Ford Blue of the '66 cars. According to the SAAC Registry, all 252 Carryover cars were likely radio-delete. New-for-1966 features included clear Plexiglas rear-quarter windows, functional rear brake-cooling scoops, 1966 dash instrument clusters, a 9,000-rpm pedestal-mount dash tachometer and a Mustang GT plastic wood-grain steering wheel. Most included the optional rear seat, with 78 of the 252 cars equipped with the ribbed, 1966-only package shelf in place of a rear seat. A 1966-style full-length exhaust with rear downspouts replaced the former side-exist pipes as well. To identify these hybrid 1965/1966 cars, Shelby American simply placed its 1966 'SFM6S' prefix ID tags over the 1965 Ford VIN stamping. Documented in the SAAC Registry and accompanied by a 2017-issued 1966 Shelby Registry Report from Howard C. Pardee, SAAC 1966 Shelby Registrar, SFM6S006 is the sixth 1966 Shelby GT350 produced. An original non-stripe car with steel wheels, rear over-rider traction bars, a fiberglass hood with steel frame and a rear package shelf, this 1966 Shelby GT350 Carryover model was invoiced and shipped on October 28, 1965, to Don Wagner Ford Sales Inc. in Vandalia, OH, where it remained unsold through early August 1966 and was the subject of a storage bill before being stolen, stripped and then purchased after recovery for a reported $750 by Don Wagner Ford. The GT350 passed through five owners before being purchased in July 2007 by Curt Vogt, who totally restored the Shelby at his Cobra Automotive shop in Wallingham, CT, for the subsequent owner in Denmark. As related by Mr. Vogt, the car was still in stripped condition upon arrival and the main bodyshell quite possibly retained original paint, in his opinion. A new front body clip was installed, a new drivetrain was built and installed, and all remaining parts required to complete the car were sourced and installed. Numerous photographs on file depict the car as it arrived at Cobra Automotive and the body restoration. After returning to America and passing through three more owners, all listed by SAAC, the GT350 was acquired by the current owner in 2015, who showed it several times at the Vail Automotive Classic, resulting in Best of Show and the Barrett-Jackson award in 2017. As offered, SFM6S006 features such correct GT350 items as 15-inch Shelby/Cragar wheels, Guardsman Blue Le Mans stripes, a rear package shelf, over-ride rear traction bars, 'hollow-letter' rocker covers, radio delete, a Detroit Locker rear axle, optional wood-grain steering wheel, lowered front A-arms and KONI shock absorbers. Documents on file with the Shelby include the aforementioned SAAC 1966 Shelby Registry Report, as well as copies of original paperwork, including the Shelby American dealer order form (10/28/65), dealer invoice (10/28/65) and Shelby American vehicle invoice (8/5/66). According to the owner, this restored award-winning GT350 is a great driver to match its legendary namesake. Combining the best features of the 1965 and 1966 GT350 models, it offers the next owner the opportunity to own and, best of all, enjoy this rare (one of 252), early-production 1966 Carryover Shelby GT350s to the fullest.